Recently, my sister and I were asked to model outfits and accessories for an incredible store downtown Bremerton called Purpose Boutique. – (and I use the word “model”  lightly as we both agree we are no models, but that anything and everything is fun when the other one is there!)

Here is a little more about the boutique for you as well: Purpose is a clothing and accessories boutique that empowers freedom through style. At Purpose, we bring together the best of boutique styling, affordable fashion and incredible products that give back. We work hard to partner with inspiring producers worldwide that empower women who have been disadvantaged, exploited or marginalized by meeting their needs in the area of work, healthcare, education, counseling, and community. We celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes! We encourage anyone who shops with Purpose to shop consciously and intentionally, enjoying style in a healthy way while remaining aware and inspired to change lives for the better through their buying choices. How you shop can change a life, so join us!

I have included the links to the outfits we are modeling here and when you make it to Bremerton make sure you stop by this cute boutique and let them know that Tonie sent ya and stay tuned to see which items I actually purchased and a few extra items I picked up while at the shop!


We both loved the fit and feel of these two striped dresses!

Short Blue Striped Dress, ‘Out on the Town’:
Short Black Striped Dress, ‘Take Me Out’:


These fun patterned tops worked well tucked in or just out flowing and I loved the white pants and black zipper detail!

Blue Detail Blouse, ‘Garden View Blouse- ROYAL’:
Red Detail Blouse, ‘Garden View Blouse- TOMATO’:


Perfect for the hot summer day that it was on this shoot, these next two tops kept us cool even in the heat!

Green/White Tank, ‘Green Machine Tank’:


Never before this year did I think I would be wearing a romper, but let me tell you, I think I have purchased my fair share of them this year! I cannot get enough of them and this one had the cutest detail lining and the color was so vibrant!

Purple Romper, ‘Beach Bikeride Romper’:


On the left, another romper, but a totally different look was this pant suit that could double as professional for work or playful for date night!  On the right the polka dot shirt and shorts were right up my alley and I am notorious for throwing on blazers over just about everything for the cool evenings 🙂

Black Jumpsuit, ‘Class Act Jumpsuit’:


Pictured above in the first photo you can find these two cute sundresses!

Blue Sundress, ‘Surf’s Up Sundress’:

Shout to Andie Avery for taking these photos for the boutique on a weekly basis, and  you can check out more of them on the boutique Facebook Page here.

Hope you enjoy these cute outfits and stop by the store sometime 🙂


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