First of all, let me start this hair curling tutorial with a special thanks to my sweet E (husband) who laughed his way through helping me take the video on Instagram (See it here) as well as taking the photos and then ended it with “Well, I did not know I signed up for this on a Saturday morning when I married you!” We both DIED laughing!

Second, I am no hair pro but have just mastered my type of hair with a curling iron and am HAPPY to answer any questions you have so leave comments at the bottom! Share the post, pin it and spread the word to girls everywhere who need a tip on how to curl 😉

Hope this helps a few people out!

My hair:
Fairly curly naturally although I NEVER wear it that way
Been flat ironing it since I was in 3rd grade and USED to use the flat iron for my curls because I thought I NEEDED it to get the frizz out that you see after I blow dry it. That is not the case anymore and now I JUST use my curling iron! 
I have thin hair, but I have a TOOON of it. Like A LOT. 
I use a 1″ curling iron and recently tried a one and a quarter inch, since my hair is getting longer, but just found at this length my hair will still not hold that curl. So if you have long-ish hair and can’t get your hair to hold the curl, try a smaller barrel curling iron. 
I also use two kinds of hair spray just because I like the smell and how they both work! Big and Sexy “Stay and Play” as well as Bed Head- the blue bottle with a green top! 
Here is my SLIGHTLY damp hair just to show it does have some curl already in it… 
I blow dry it normally (and just do whatever you do normally) just trying to get lots of body in it!
This is the kind of frizzy mess I get after blowdrying it!
Next I separate it into four layers starting at the bottom. Just use a clip or claw to hold up the rest of it. If you have THICK hair you might need to do more layers… 
Then I just take sections of hair… maybe about two inches wide where the hair meets my head…
MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!: Hold the curling iron UPSIDE down and wrap the hair AWAY from your face…. I DO NOT USE THE CLAMP AT ALL. (only for un-ruly little layers if it’s totally necessary but I still wrap away from my face and hold the curling iron the same way… upside down. 
If you need your curls to last a long time, I let the curl kind of fall into my hand like you see below here and hold it for a second to let it cool… that way it looks quite like a ringlet when you let it down, but they will loosen up quite a bit in my experience so I like to let it sit that way…
One thing people have a hard time with is the opposite side of their head. They are good at one side and bad at the other. Just keep in mind on BOTH sides you need to curl away from your face. This is the other side of my face. (perfecting the harder side comes with time!)
I spray the second layer and then a second spray at the end.  I don’t use hairspray on  every layer, or when I start curling because your curls can look “crispy” and we all KNOW that crispy curls look … ummm… not desirable… 
Again, curl AWAY from your face. 
The curls will look kinda tight and like ringlets at first, so just run your hands through it a bit…. 
Give it one last spray and you are done! This is RIGHT after it’s done and I actually prefer it when it’s a bit looser and messier. I usually wear my curls at least two days if not three 🙂 
If you curl away from your face on both sides, then the back should kinda fall into cascading curls and not get all wrapped up into one big curl 🙂 


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